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You help other people in their purchases by sharing your experience.

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about 11 months
mehraj A.
Works as a dildo, leaves some more to be expected as a plug
This was my first dildo, but definitely not my first anal toy. I have been using plugs of all types for a long while now and have even gone for several months while plugged nearly 24/7. So it's safe to say I'm not new to anal play. The "plug" came in the usual kuwaitpleasure box, and with an easy to open plastic package inside I immediately noticed the smell of cheap plastic on the toy when smelling it closely, and saw some very very minor scratches (far smaller than the intentionally designed texture) on the shaft. Upon trying it for the first time, I immediately noticed it's ever so sightly too long for my taste. It just about reaches past the second sphincter but not to the point at which it would be considered depth play. And this makes it practically impossible to sit normally without causing a great deal of discomfort. Also, the taper from the main body of the dildo to the suction cup is FAR too gradual to really be considered a plug and stay in alone whilst standing and properly lubed, yet alone walking. However, with the use of a crotch rope I was able to keep it firmly in place. Though this is again my first plug and first use of a suction cup toy, this definitely leaves a bit to be desired. It does its job well enough if you're gentle, but any rough riding and it's bound to slip off. This toy did the job well enough and I've got no complaints with the materials, but I do wish some more attention was put into the smaller details of the design to truly make it more than just a dildo.
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