Faqs By Privacy

Do you deal with third parties?

No. Kuwaitpleasure does not have any link with third parties. We sell our products in a legalized manner and do not conduct any illegal activity. We process every order and validate all details from the customer’s end. We neither have any hidden policy nor do we charge any hidden cost while taking payments from our customers. We are entire responsible in dealing in the most able manner so that there are no complications on both ends. Therefore, Kuwaitpleasure keeps no business with third parties at all.

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Do you take all personal details while taking an order?

Each and every information Kuwaitpleasure takes from its customers to process an order is validated for the customer’s safety and authenticity. Most importantly, we utilize these details to update the status of order and also for notifying customers about their delivery. We are absolutely transparent towards our customers and aim to simply satisfy them through our service. This is also a big reason why we require email IDs where we send crucial updates. Also, we ask for contact numbers to sort out any query.

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Is it necessary to read your privacy policy?

Kuwaitpleasure clearly instructs all its customers to read and accept its privacy policy. This is crucial as everyone then comes to know about the limitations he/she must maintain. All aspects we state in our privacy policy are a must for consideration. So, it is always importance for everyone to know our privacy policy first before placing an order. This ensures safety for both the customer and our online store as well.

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